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Brandywine Equine offers comprehensive veterinary care for horses, donkeys, and mules in southeastern Pennsylvania.  We focus on providing excellent and advanced ambulatory care for patients in the comfort and stress-free environment of their own home.  

Our Services

Equine Preventative Health Care – Preventative health care is the foundation of keeping your horse happy,Services Page_Circles_20160304 healthy, and performing its best.  We offer a complete line-up of preventative services including annual or semi-annual wellness exams, seasonal vaccinations, strategic deworming programs including fecal parasite testing, routine dental care, and nutritional consults.  Our Equine Wellness Plan makes it easy and more economical for you to ensure your equine partner is getting the preventative services it needs, when it needs them.

Learn more about our 2016 Equine Wellness Plan!

Advanced Dentistry – Our veterinarians have advanced training and years of experience performing thorough equine dental examinations and care.  We utilize both manual and motorized dental equipment depending upon the dental needs and temperament of our patient.  We are experienced in performing advanced dental procedures including extractions and have the equipment necessary to obtain high quality dental radiographs.

Sports Medicine & Lameness Exams – Lameness and other performance problems are one of the most common and frustrating medical issues that horse owners face.  We offer methodical lameness and performance evaluationServices Page_Circles 2_20160304s utilizing digital radiography, musculoskeletal ultrasound, and upper airway endoscopy to diagnose the cause and figure out how to get your athlete back to full potential.  We offer the full range of traditional treatment options such as joint injections and soft tissue injury rehab, as well as more advanced treatments including PRP, IRAP, and other biological therapies.  We have close working relationships with most of the farriers in our region which allow for comprehensive treatment approaches for hoof-related problems.

Emergency Services – We are committed to providing fast and reliable care for emergency medical conditions such as colic, wounds, severe lameness, infections, and eye problems.  Our ambulatory vehicles are stocked and our vets equipped to treat almost any veterinary emergency involving an equine patient 24/7. Emergency service is guaranteed for our clientele only.

Purchase Exams – Found your dream horse? Don’t let underlying issues surprise you. Pre-purchase exams uncover existing or potential health issues in your equine prospect. Our basic pre-purchase examination is a comprehensive physical examination which includes gait assessment for lameness and flexion tests, and we communicate closely with buyers to determine if additional diagnostics such as digital radiographs, endoscopy, or bloodwork might be recommended in their individual situation.Services Page_Circles 3_20160304

Internal Medicine – We have years of experience in diagnosing and treating complicated internal medical conditions including internal infections, respiratory disorders, Lyme disease, eye conditions, and skin problems. We provide comprehensive testing and treatment for patients suffering from endocrine conditions such as Equine Metabolic Syndrome, PPID, Cushings Disease, and laminitis. We also offer specialized care for senior horses.

Reproduction – Our veterinarians provide complete care for mares and foals. Our broodmare services include breeding soundness exams, assessment and timing of breeding cycles, artificial insemination, pregnancy checks and monitoring, assistance with foaling, and postpartum mare/foal exams and treatment.
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Referral Services – We are able and equipped to provide the advanced veterinary care that your animal should require at your farm.  However, occasionally a serious medical problem will require referral to a large animal hospital.  We have close working relationships with the internationally renowned specialists at New Bolton Center, and with other private referral hospitals in our area, and are able to provide the best continuum of care if a patient should require treatment at one of these institutions.


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